[Sca-cooks] OT/semi short/?

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Fri Aug 11 11:19:14 PDT 2006

Why is it that some people feel that they must have others stop a topic
instead of using the delete button? A topic on cooking can be discussed at
the same time as a rare few OTs. As long as people remember to change the
subject line and remember that they do not have to read all the mail, things
should be fine.
For those that do not know how to bulk delete,
If you have your email set so that the subject is grouped together you
should get the subject that you want deleted all together. click on the top
or bottom of the list of the subject to be deleted. Hold the shift key down
and click on the other end of the subject list. Click on delete.

 "but in the spirit of drowning out the socio-political grandstanding ;)
I'll do what I can here..."

Though this is not a good example but I can't find the one that made the
comment on First Amendment rights, it is comments similar to this that make
me wonder where/what the problem is.


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