[Sca-cooks] menu planning for dietary restrictions...

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I had some absolutely outstanding food tonight (escargot in garlic butter,
salmon in a lemon/dill sauce, scallops in a wildmushroom/cream/ginger/lime
sauce...and that was just appetizers), and ate them with a really nice, dry
white wine.  They complemented each other beautifully....
--Maire, who went on to tastes of shark in a creole sauce, elk oso buco, and
the most amazing medium-rare bison, slightly smoked and served with a
huckleberry/herb/balsamic vinegar??? sauce....mmmmm.....,
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> Durien sez:
> >'Balancing' out an oily, tasty dish with non-oily side dishes sounds alot
> drinking a diet soda with a banana split. :)
> thats funny, I see it as "not overloading the palate so you can really
really enjoy
> that banana split". which I would serve not with a diet soda but with a
glass of
> crisp white wine so you have a nice sour/sweet counterpoint.
> same way I'd serve a crisp green salad alongside that raclette or fondue
> different philosophies, I guess :)
> --Anne-Marie
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