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Tom Vincent Tom.Vincent at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 13 08:40:17 PDT 2006

It reminded me of a Medieval Chicken Parmesan, sort of, with the red 
wine replacing the tomato base completely.

I can only assume it was period, as the chef doesn't seem to go for 
non-period dishes, from what I've observed.

I tried to use less oil, but was over-ruled.  Things don't have to be 
soaked in oil or deep-fried to be tasty, as far as I'm concerned.


Anne-Marie Rousseau wrote:
> Duriel tells us:
> Here's a real-life example:  A while ago, I was helping out with a 
> feast.  One of the dishes I was preparing was chicken cutlets breaded 
> and fried, then baked with onions sauteed in wine (a decent bulk 
> burgundy, as I recall) & oil, then topped with shredded cheese (and not 
> a particularly flavorful cheese, mind you).
> What a strange sounding dish! So it was breaded and fried and then baked
> with a sauce (undoing the crispy bits from the frying, and likely
> turning them all gooey?) I wonder if that was a period dish I've never
> heard of, or something modern?
> I guess for me, there's so many lovely period dishes out there that
> would satisfy the same flavor niche (ie a chicken dish that is served
> with a piquant sauce) and your'e right, any of them would be much lower
> in fat than the one you describe. 
> It sounds like something my dad would make. See, he's quebecois and has
> some interesting ideas on what makes food good. A steak? Good. Smother
> it in blue cheese? Better! Now top with fried onions? Even better! I
> remember him teaching me how to make a fried egg sandwhich when I was a
> girl. First, you make toast. Butter the toast. Then put on mayo. Fry
> your egg in butter. Put the egg on the butter/mayoed toast. Pour any
> residual butter from the pan onto the bread so it soaks it up. Dirty
> about six pans to accomplish this. ;)
> Did I mention his quadruple bypass a few years ago? ;)
> Anyway, I think it might be a matter of taste. Personally the dish you
> describe is not one I'd likely enjoy. Chicken baked in a wine sauce? Ok!
> Chicken breaded and fried served with cheese? Not my thing so much.
> Isn't tha chicken parmaseana? I wonder if they saved some steps by using
> prebreaded frozen cutlets? The mind boggles.
> Also, I would point out that a lot of newer feast cooks don't realize
> that when you scale up you do NOT need to scale up the amt of oil it
> takes to sautee onions, say. If it takes a tsp of oil to sautee an
> onion, it will not take 20 tsp to sautee 20 onions. 
> (ditto for butter. No matter what people try to tell you to the contrary
> ;))
> -AM
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