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No breadcrumbs were used.  The chicken cutlets were just dredged in 
flour and grilled, then put in baking pans with the wine-and-oil sauteed 


Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
> I haven't gone poring over the texts at my disposal with a magnifying  
> glass, but I don't recall a single instance in the medieval corpus of  
> breadcrumbs being used in that way. The most common references I've  
> seen to any coating of anything before frying have involved beaten  
> egg wash/glaze, sheets of dough wrapped around a filling, and the  
> occasional admonition that such-and-such is eaten fried without a  
> coating of flour, which suggests it was probably done on occasion.  
> There may be exceptions to this, but I can't think of any off the top  
> of my head.
> Even if we think of fritters (which are, in the common medieval  
> usage, generally made with a sticky, semi-liquid dough/batter,  
> leavened with yeast), the dough seems most often to be the main  
> substance of the dish, even if it's the substrate for another  
> ingredient. You do start to run across apple or parsnip fritters that  
> are more recognizable in the modern sense in the 16th and 17th  
> centuries, but we're still probably not talking about big ol' hunks  
> of chicken.
> I agree with the idea that this may be inspired by the modern variant  
> of Chicken Parmigiana, but rather than come up with reasons why it  
> may not be period (since we're not, in fact, pursuing research with a  
> known result in mind), the simplest thing may be to ask the cook for  
> a source.
> Adamantius 
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