[Sca-cooks] Period description of "events"

Patrick Levesque petruvoda at videotron.ca
Sun Aug 13 17:27:17 PDT 2006

All right, and now for something completely non-confrontational :-)

I'm looking for sources period descriptions, narrations or tales of events,
ceremonies, tourneys, banquets, balls, feasts, etc, etc, etc...

I've pretty much exhausted the topic on Gallica, unless there are keywords I
haven't figured out, so I'm pretty well documented on mid-sixteenth to early
seventeenth century France (and will happily share the results with all
interested), but I'd appreciate info on other areas and periods.

Or, then again, a good source-reader on the topic (especially if they are
still available commercially) is always useful as an alternative. Preferably
in English or French :-) (yeah I know this kind of restricts the field but
then again it's surprising how much the French had to say about their
neighbours :-))

They don't have to be only about food itself - I've recently been looking
into events from a more holistic perspective.



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