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> But I promote healthier feasts, present solid reasons and evidence...and 
> you imply I'm some sort of terrorist?  WTF?
> Duriel

OK, that cuts it. 
Please stop.
Stop NOW! 
I am a digest reader and I am getting tired of space taken up in a COOKING 
List for this bout with philosophy, and now the language! (I know full well what 
those letters stand for and I do NOT care for that kind of language)

I am a free woman of an adult age of above average intelligence and common 
sense.  I am fully capable of making my own decisions about food and my eating 
habits. I resent anyone thinking for me and telling me what I can and cannot 
eat, and as a cook, I resent anyone coming into my kitchen and telling me that 
what I am cooking is deadly, simply because I am trying to faithfully follow a 
Period Recipe. 

We are in a hobby that investigates how they did things, and attempt to 
recreate that thing, whether it be Period Buttons or Roast leg of Lamb. To truly 
appreciate the Period that we choose to investigate, we would like to get as 
close as we can to The Real Thing, and the food completes the atmosphere. 

As a digest recipient, I do have use of a delete key to do away with one 
note. I have to take the 15-20 that comes through and then weed it out. 

so, please, let's get back to Period food...the Real Thing, please!

going back to lurking

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