[Sca-cooks] for Duriel :-)

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Then I'll strive to reach the 'we agree to disagree' point earlier.  Like now. :)
However, I *did* admit my error about ending smoking not contributing to weight gain.  Any other errors I've made that I should admit to?
Tom Vincent
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In my opinion, you tend to avoid answering quietly stated, rational ideas in 
favor of responding to harsher criticisms of your ideas.  You also tend to 
push any disagreement beyond the point where you should defuse the situation 
by agreeing to disagree.  I also do not remember you admitting any error in 
your ideas.  These are the actions of a polemist rather than those of a 

While you may believe you are exchanging information and engaging in 
rational debate, your style of engagement leaves a great deal to be desired. 
You may also believe your responses are very clever, but I assure you that 
in irritating your audience, you limit their receptiveness and render your 
ideas insignificant and the value of those ideas worthless.


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