[Sca-cooks] Favorite Healthy period dishes, recent study on vitamin absorption

Sharon Gordon gordonse at one.net
Mon Aug 14 07:25:06 PDT 2006

So what are people's favorite healthy/healthier dishes?  I know a lot of
pople like the mixed green sallets and the roasted or baked herbed chickens.

What's your experience with using whole grains?  I find that oats, spelt,
and barley go over well perhaps because most people eat the more natural
versions of those.  Brown rice and whole wheat tend to have a mixed
reception.  Lots of people like the full flavor and added nutritional
benefits of the whole foods, but a number of others like the bland taste of
the low nutrition white bread and white rice.

Recently I saw the results of a medical study that showed the differences in
vitamin uptake in human volunteers when they ate a  lowfat salad  high in
lutein and beta carotene (red and orange colored vegetables),  and the same
combo  salad with the addition of an avocado which is high in fat. They then
did the same blood tests again.  When people had eaten the vegetables with
some fat, they absorbed 4 times the amount of vitamins from the vegetables.

So with a number of nutrients being fat soluable, it's important to consume
the items with some fat in the same meal.   It seems like many traditional
one dish meals incorporate this in a good balance with lots of vegetables
(or fruit), some whole grains, herbs or spices, and a small amount of meat,
fish, oil, or butter.

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