[Sca-cooks] Favorite Food Gift Ideas

Stephanie Ross hlaislinn at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 14 09:01:48 PDT 2006

Niccolo wrote:
I am building some gift ideas for a gift closet for my wife and me to dole
out for apprciation gifts, and am stuck for NEW ideas. 

What about Shrewsbury cakes? People love them, they keep awhile, they can
be flavored with different spices/extracts and decorated as you see fit
also. My lord and I received a seasoned salt as a gift from the Crown
recently. How about lavender or rose flavored sugars? A small bag of
comfits? Candied ginger, lemon or orange peel etc.(called "suckets" in
Martha Washington's Cookery)? Sugared or spiced nutmeats?  
Are hard candy suckers period?

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