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Mon Aug 14 09:04:34 PDT 2006

 Posted to Florilegium web page:

Welcome to the Florilegium SEARCH
THLord Stefan li Rous (Mark Harris, stefan at florilegium.org)

August 13, 2006 11:02pm CST -- News Flash from Pennsic

A knowledgeable source on-site who wises to remain anonymous reports that at
midnight last night (between Aug 12 and Aug 13), the mayor of Pennsic chose
to shut down all Pennsic Chirurgeons. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff
has been directed to take over all services.
The restrictions state that no chirurgeons will be allowed to display any
chirurgeon symbols nor to perform their duties at Pennsic. The chirurgeons
are doing their very best to conform to the rules but, as a group, they are
very afraid of what might happen to those people who need their services.
Section 3.9 of the Chirurgeon's Handbook states that: "Any chirurgeon who is
available and willing to provide first aid at an event cannot be prohibited
from doing so by anyone other than the kingdom chirurgeon or a duly
delegated administrative superior in the Chirurgeonate (e.g. a
Chirurgeon-in-charge at a inter-kingdom event)."
The EMS team is a new group, as those at previous Pennsic events were unable
to provide their services this year. They are new to the SCA and how Pennsic
works. EMS staff have privately told the source that they are unable to
fulfill all the necessary services.
The on-site newspaper, the Pennsic Independent, has been notified by the
Pennsic Mayor that their articles must be approved before publication, in
order to control the information about this matter. Facts are hard to obtain
on-site and the purpose of this notice is to encourage investigation into
the matter by those off-site. Transparency of the situation, regardless of
the facts, is important to maintain good will and avoid rumors and
unpleasantness. Restricting publication of information is not the solution.

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