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Mon Aug 14 09:09:39 PDT 2006

Duriel wrote:
>I'm here to exchange information, learn and defend my positions.

Nah. Can't fool me. You're here on your own agenda. You're a button 
pusher. You delight in riling up listees. You delight in arguments 
for the sake of arguing.

I don't see you genuinely exchanging information *that is relevant to 
the topic of this list*.
- You post modern cooking tips that have little to nothing to do with 
the topic of this list.
- You post modern recipes and struggle to post relevant historic 
recipes when challenged to do so.
- You are ignorant of historic cookbooks, terminology, and cooking methods.
- Then you attack us, using various methods, most of which have been 
clearly pointed out by niccolo

You are obviously not here to learn. You argue from your positions of 
ignorance as if you are right, even when your errors and 
misinterpretations are clearly pointed out, rarely admitting you are 
in error. Sure you've done it maybe twice, but more often you keep 
arguing that you're right, even when you are clearly wrong. If you 
were here to learn your behavior would be different.

While the *idea* of "preparing healthier feasts" may be worth 
discussing, that is not what you are doing here. You are not 
*discussing* this topic. You're arguing, foaming, frothing, raving - 
all in the interest of instigating discontent, not education or 
intelligent conversation.

In fact, i see no evidence from your posts that you are actually 
involved in cooking historical food, other than your mention of one 
recipe whose source you cannot tell us.

I really believe you have no interest in historical cuisine, 
historical cooking, or historical food, because you have so far 
displayed none.

Given your apparent lack of knowledge about historic cuisine, and 
your apparent disinterest in learning about it, despite your 
protestations to the contrary, it is clear that the only real reason 
you are here is your personal agenda - and you smell like a troll [1] 
to me.

The ratio of content to noise is very low in your posts. You are 
mostly just a lot of noise with a tiny amount of potential content. 
And you do not pursue this content in a constructive manner. Rather, 
you use it as a bludgeon. That comment, "defend my positions"? Well, 
that's sure true. You deliberately set up situations in which you can 
vociferously defend your positions, regardless of the accuracy of 
your information or the relevance of your position to this list.

It is apparent you just like to lecture, to stir up controversy, and 
to argue - basically, to hear yourself talk.

You are gleefully hogging this list and diverting it from its usual 
generally civil conversation.

Clearly, you get your validation of your self worth by the amount of 
annoyance you cause.

I have not responded to any of the threads you have instigated - this 
thread was instigated by someone else :-)

And i strongly urge people not to let Duriel get your knickers in a 
twist. Ignore his posts - unless there's really something of value 
there (hah!). The less you respond, the less we will have to see of 
his self-centered posting and his manipulation of this list.

[1] In case, the meaning isn't clear:
Troll: From the fishing term. As a noun, synonymous with flamebait. 
As a verb, to post controversial or provocative messages in a 
deliberate attempt to provoke flames.

Troll: a newsgroup post that is deliberately incorrect, intended to 
provoke readers; or a person who makes such a post
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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