[Sca-cooks] Favorite Healthy period dishes, recent study on vitamin absorption

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> > > > > > The one thing that immediately comes to mind is that by mixing
beef with the fat and sealing it in a container, what you're probably
going for is a consistency similar to sausage meat -- moist, but
probably not so fatty that it's leaking grease all over the place,
and the fat is a hard type that holds up well to cooking without
turning into rendered grease and stringy shreds, which is probably
why it calls for suet and marrow. There are still sausage recipes
that call for lean meat augmented with fat. Basically, it gives
better control than by simply using fatty meat. . . < < < < <

There is a certain gelatin release going on here as well, when you consider
the your beef and the number of birdies that are being cooked in this
recipe.  The dense fat and gelatin would tend to generate a certain texture
that would be like a really dense sausage/forcemeat, I would think.  The
gelatin and fat rendered from the birds would surely add caloric intake, but
more importantly, mouthfeel.  That rich, decadent mouth texture is hard to
replicate when pulling the marrow and suet out.  It can be done, but it
takes an effort if one is looking to recreate the same dish without the fat.
The yolks, if smashed, would tend to be emulsifiers and binders along with
the other stuffe.

What do you use currently to maintain the textural similarity in this or
other dishes, or is that taken as an accepted change as a result of fat
decrease? (asking to gather info and not as a challenge to the practice)

niccolo difrancesco

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