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Holly Stockley hollyvandenberg at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 14 15:02:43 PDT 2006

The server has been down for a couple of days.  And it would appear that 
those who can fix it are at Pennsic.  *sigh*    None of my MK lists are 
coming through at the moment.


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>No, I haven't, Sharon, but then, I'm not on any MK lists, afaik.  The link
>sounds just fascinating, though....;o)
>--Maire, auld house goob
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>Subject: [Sca-cooks] OT MK-Cooks, SCA-Middle list
> > Is anyone getting email from MK-Cooks, SCA-Middle or another midrealm
>list?  I've been trying to post a link to the sca-middle list for the last 
>days for a news article about a house in the UK whose current ownership was
>changed in an unusual way due to a 607 year old medieval law.  It's not
>going through in a way that makes me think the midrealm server might be
>down.  And I haven't gotten any messages either.  Usually there is an
>interesting discussion on mk-cooks too for people who are not at Pennsic,
>and I don't see any activity there either.
> >
> > Is anyone else seeing any posts?
> >
> > Sharon
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