[Sca-cooks] Favorite Healthy period dishes, recent study on vitamin absorption

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Aug 14 20:53:17 PDT 2006

Small portions of whatever I want to have, basically.  <g>  I do need to
stay away from things containing more than traces of red wine, or
store-bought, preserved meats (bacon, snausages, etc.) because of allergies,
but that's about it.
During Lent, I ate a lot of fish (variety of fattier and leaner fishes, and
none of it cheap...*sigh*), pulses, and complex carbs.
Other favorites, mostly as ingredients, would be yogurt, which shows up a
lot in some cuisines, interesting herbs, herb-based sallets or compound
sallets, etc.
The last time I cooked a feasty/lunch-y thing, I offered both whole wheat
and white breads, and both were well received.  Also fresh fruits, and two
soups, one of which contained barley.  I like to use barley--it's got a
basic proto-familiarity to it for most people, cooks reasonably quickly
(unlike brown rice), and provides a nice alternative to rice, the latter of
which I tend to purchase as plain ol' white rice, usually because of cost
factors.  It doesn't *stay* plain, though...it goes into blancmanges or any
number of other dishes....
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> So what are people's favorite healthy/healthier dishes?  I know a lot of
> pople like the mixed green sallets and the roasted or baked herbed
> What's your experience with using whole grains?  I find that oats, spelt,
> and barley go over well perhaps because most people eat the more natural
> versions of those.  Brown rice and whole wheat tend to have a mixed
> reception.  Lots of people like the full flavor and added nutritional
> benefits of the whole foods, but a number of others like the bland taste
> the low nutrition white bread and white rice.

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