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Mmmmm...I looove fresh tomatoes, but I can't grow them. In the 
Texas heat, if I forget for one day to not water them twice a day, 
they die. I have a brown thumb!

Anyway, I have found something healthy that my daughter loves 
(she's 10 and picky). It is really not a recipe but she loves 
toasted open faced sandwiches. I always put a couple of slices of 
tomatoes on it before I toast it and it brings out the tomato 
flavor beautifully. I just use ciabatta bread cut into sandwich 
size and sliced down the middle and layer whatever kind of pesto I 
have on hand, lunchmeat (usually turkey), a couple of slices of 
tomato, and asiago or provolone cheese. I pop it in the toaster 
and I have open-faced pannini! 

One of my favorite pestos right now is a sun-dried tomato pesto. I 
buy it in a jar at the grocery store in the winter to use on 
sandwiches instead of mayo. During the summer, I go to the 
farmer's market where a guy has a stand selling nothing but 
different varieties of pesto based on whatever is in season. He 
has a great sun-dried tomato chipotle pesto that really adds some 
kick to a sandwich! Maybe you can dry some of your tomatoes and 
turn them into pesto!


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>I think it's just been quiet.  Maybe we're all taking a respite 
>previous acrimony?
>Your project sounds absolutely amazing, and I'm quite in awe of 
you and
>others like Brigid who tackle these sorts of things with such 
gusto, and
>bring us such lovely translated delights! ;o)
>I'm not doing much in the way of anything these days, besides my 
mundane job
>and some (equally mundane, but fun) sock knitting while I commute 
back and
>forth.  Looking for good ideas on uses for fresh tomatoes from 
our tomato
>jungle, but that's about it, food-wise....
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>> I get this list as a digest, and i find it odd that i haven't
>> received a Digest since 8:20 PDT this morning (Vol. 4, Issue 
>> Are we all doing such healthy things that no one is posting?
>> What i've been doing...
>> I'm still working on Stage Three of my "At the Table of the 
>> project (still in Beta Test :-)
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