[Sca-cooks] Sorrel, was Purslane

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
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Dang, you've got my sympathy....I'm in a second-floor apartment as well, but
it's in a converted house, and we have a communal front porch and
garden--mostly my stuff, but everybody's contributed in some fashion.  My
sorrels growing in two oak half-barrels, which I'd originally purchased for
tomato plants, but, alas, they hold moisture *too* well, so proved lousy for
tomatoes.  The sorrel loves it, though, lots of room for the nice, deep tap
root, etc.  The one plant's like 4? years old now.  It has peppermint plants
for companions, and gets two or three feet tall in the spring--big leaves
like really big spinach.  The other two are sharing another barrel with a
bunch of marigolds.  It bolts just like spinach, too, if you don't keep it
tamed with a whip and chair....
I don't recall ever seeing it for sale here, although it may definitely be
the fault of faulty memory.  I got my "starts" at a local garden supply

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> I don't have a yard (i'm in a second floor apartment) and the bunches
> of sorrel i see for sale here, even in the miraculous Berkeley Bowl
> Market, tend to be rather tiny and in the fresh herb section, not the
> vegetable section. Sigh.

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