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Here in Madrone, for a large feast, we will have the hall steward who
will coordinate between the kitchen and the servers. They oversee the
dishing up, team garnish and coordinate with everything outside the
blast doors :). They work with the servers to be sure that they remember
to pick up all the bowls and sauces for a course, and prep them on what
goes with what, ingredients, etc.

We often will have someone else who actually is in CHARGE Of the
servers, ie recruiting, etc but not always.

Large banquets are sometimes done with "table servers" ie somoen from
each table volunteers to get up and grab that tables worth of bowls,
etc., and sometimes we have folks who volunteered to do the formal
service (tho now that I think on it, we haven't done it that way for a
while...folks tend to want to sit with their friends and its easier to
find helpful bodies if you don't make them sit separately :))

Hope this helps!
--Anne-Marie, in charge of servers for this years  baronial banquet :)

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a pamphlet on feast service that draws
a number of 14th and 15th century texts- if you'll send me a mailing 
address, I'll send you a copy.

We generally don't have the hall steward, etc, here in An Tir, but I'm 
trying to change that...

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