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Aislinn wrote:
>I have a question (several actually) about feast service.

First let me note that our feasts are generally for under 100 diners, 
at both Kingdom (2 Collegia) and Principality levels (in the Mists, 
where i am, that's 2 Investitures and a Bardic Competition), and as 
far as i can tell, at the branch level as well (where there are many 
feasts). Lately, there has been a move to limit seatings to 60.

I assume that if we had feasts for 200 or 300, we might work this all 
out differently

>Do you folks use
>a hall steward in your Kingdoms to set up the hall and decorate it?

That's the job of the Autocrat and their team.

>Is this
>person seperate from the one who organizes the servers?

That's the Head Cooks job... to find servers and to select a Head 
Server who will organize the servers.

>Is there a seperate
>person who puts the food into serving dishes (the co-feastcrat perhaps)?

That's the job of the cooking crew.

>Plus we always camp here in my kingdom, so the hall steward works
>Friday night too. Which means that running the hall for me takes four
>people - me as feastcrat, food plater, server organizer and hall steward.

Most of our events are camping events and there's no feast at them, 
because there's no way to make one. Our sites are frequently pretty 
"rustic" and "undeveloped", quite often have no running water, and by 
this i mean a spigot sticking out of the ground to hold a container 
under. There have been events with pot-luck feasts on the Eric, and 
more often households or shires have their own small feasts. On a few 
rare occasions, there have been feasts at Kingdom camping events 
sponsored by private groups.

I gather you're in one of those places with a feast hall and kitchen 
on the camp site... and maybe even *cabins* to sleep in?
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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