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Well, Caid is, and probably always will be, a Western rite Scadian Kingdom.  We 
still call the tourney field "the eric".  Although, I thought that the rope itself
was red, and not just the flags.  It wouldn't surprise me if that first rope had
been purchased by Master John ap Griffin [John Trimble] because he and his wife
Mistress Flavia [Bjo Trimble] joined in A.S. I and because he had been a rope
salesman for many many years before his retirement.  I had heard that the reason
the rope was red was because the red rope wasn't selling well and he got it at a
substantial discount, so that a lot of rope was purchased for relatively little money.

Huette, who wasn't there at the time.  I didn't join until 1974.

--- lilinah at earthlink.net wrote:

> Margarite wrote:
> >  > There have been events with pot-luck feasts on the Eric
> >
> >what do you mean by Eric? I've seen this used before but I don't know what
> >it means. (I'm in Ansteorra)
> I get the digest and someone else may well have answered by now, but 
> in case not...
> My limited understanding is as follows:
> The Kingdom of the West is the very first kingdom of all.
> I gather that for the first few tourneys, there was nothing in 
> particular to separate the fighting area from the spectator area. It 
> was decided that there needed to be something for safety. So someone 
> (and i'm sure an old-timer knows who) made streamers or flags to hang 
> from a rope that would surround the tourney field. These were red. 
> And so the set of warning markers came to be known as "Eric the Red". 
> Eventually that was shortened to "Eric", and the warning flags were 
> no longer red. And eventually that was applied to the tourney field.
> So there had been a tradition in The West, a tradition possibly older 
> than any other kingdom (although the East did come along fairly soon 
> after the West), of calling the tourney field "the Eric."
> IIRC, there's another kingdom that continued this traditions (our 
> former Principality of An Tir?), but i imagine that it is being 
> replaced there by more "appropriate" terminology.
> While most people here call the people who collect money at the 
> entrance to an event "The Gate", i gather that in some places they 
> still call it "Troll". We no longer do this. But i suspect that the 
> Tourney Field will remain "The Eric" for a long time to come.
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