[Sca-cooks] Med. foods discussed at Leeds Medieval Conference 2006

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sat Aug 19 16:41:52 PDT 2006

Some more searching and I managed to find Caroline Yeldham's
menu from the Leeds conference--  Johnnae

  *‘Messe it forth’ - A Medieval Feast *

Soupes Dorray
/(Onions, almond milk and white wine served over toast in the bowl) /

Roast Chicken and Strawberry Sauce dressed with Pomegranate Seeds
/(In present-day terms this is more like a chutney than a sauce, with 
red wine, almond milk and an extensive array of spices including saffron 
and galingale) /

Pot-roasted Mutton with Spiced Onion Sauce
/(This sauce is a a style of salsa with onion, parsley and ginger) /

Fillet of Pork Loin Galantine
/(Served with red wine and a hot peppery sauce with cubebs, mace, ginger 
and cinnamon) /

Blanche Porray
/(Boiled leeks with almond pulp and breadcrumbs)/

/(Cabbage cooked with stock, butter and saffron)/

For those with a vegetarian dietary requirement:

Tarte de Brye
/(French Brie with egg, ginger and cream) /

/(Fresh herb tart of fennel, sorrel, parsley, mint and sage) /

Served on a platter of Blanche Porray and Cabogys

Douse Desyre
/(Battered pork meatballs in a white wine sauce with almond milk, spices 
and egg) /

/(Saffron cream tart) /

Payne Foundow
/(Spiced ginger bread with honey, spices and preserved ginger)/

/(Rich spiced fruit compote with dates, figs, raisins, saffron and white 
wine) /

Seasonal fruits and nuts


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