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> > > > Going back to my reference, I was mistaken.  Gluten ingredients are
in the coating on fries, but it's not neccisarily flour, as Master
Adamantius said.  McDonald's was just sued for failing to claim gluten
and casien ingredients in their french fry seasoning, that they'd listed
as "natural flavorings".  I swear I saw a reference to flour being used
as the base for the coating on fries, too, but I can't find that now. <SNIP
< < < < < <

Wheat starch, maybe.  The proteins, fats, etc in flours make it not as
desireable as a crisping agent.  And, indeed, many higher end potato
products are coming with a micro-crisping coating, ever so slight, but
enough to add browing and crisping without sugars, and with shorter cooking
times. The coatings may, indeed, contain wheat products that are not full on
flour.  There are other starches also used for various desired results.  The
last food exposition I went to very infromative as to potato products
available to the foodservice industry.

I had lunch at IKEA the other day.  I asked about the ingredients in the
swedish meatballs, suspecting there would be bread crumbs in them.  The
guy quite literally gave me a song and dance (I mean, bobbing around
while he was talking to me, ala Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow)
telling me that "OH, NO!  The recipe is a company secret, just like the
chicken and KFC."  I said, "Uh, no.  By law, KFC, and you, have to make
the ingredients list available."  He kept arguing with me, then tried
telling me that they get them in a bag and dump them in the microwave,
but they sell them downstairs and I could go down there and look.  Then
he asked what ingredient I was concerned about, so I said breadcrumbs.
"Oh, no, there aren't breadcrumbs in meatballs!"  I said, "There are
usually breadcrumbs in meatballs.  It's very common."  After all this
song and dance, I sure as hell wasn't going to believe his claim that
there were none. < < SNIP > >

Then ones made for foodservice applications without breadcrumbs are likely
using TVP as their extender/tenderizer.

niccolo difrancesco

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