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> Try having someone tell you the day of the feast that they cannot have
> salt and is there anything they can eat.  It wasn't so much of an
> allergy as it was a conflict with the medication she was on for cancer
> treatment.  There were a few other things as well which meant that there
> was absolutely nothing she could eat that day from my feast.

OK, I understand food vs. chemo conflicts (4 1/2 YEARS of chemo), but unless
they changed her chemo the day before the feast, to my way of thinking that
is just plain RUDE.

In Bright Hills, we send out notices for events with the warning that if you
wait til the day of the feast to contact the cook, there will be NOTHING we
can/will do for you.

It's awfully funny (funny peculiar not funny ha-ha) that in a society that
spouts so much reverence for courtesy, so little is sometimes shown to
people cooking for your (generic) enjoyment.

Eating feast is NOT a right.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and
equal treatment under the law - those are (or should be) rights.




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