[Sca-cooks] Pomegranite seeds

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Mon Aug 21 20:30:47 PDT 2006

Just a couple, that I can think of, after a long Monday....
1.  I seed (de-seed?) my pomegranites by scoring the rind, pole-to-pole in 4
to 6 sections, depending on pom. size.  I then break it in half (along two
of the scores), into a bowl of cool water.  The halves can usually just be
sort of turned inside-out, which makes the seeds much easier to get to.  I
use my fingers to scoop them into the water.  When the entire fruit is done,
I remove the pith/floaty bits, and I've got a nice collection of fresh,
clean pomegranite seeds down at the bottom of the bowl.  Doesn't take more
than a couple of minutes.  The water keeps the juice spatter to a *bare*
2.  If I need pomegranite juice, I buy it.  It's generally cheaper to do it
that way, here, than to do them myself.  Mileage will vary, of course, for
those places with better access to inexpensive markets, or to growing one's
3.  I get rid of the seedy middles of cucumbers (which I personally despise)
by cutting the cuke in half long-wise, and then using a spoon.
4.  If I have a whole LOT of hard-boiled eggs to make into egg salad, I peel
them and grate them with Ye Olde Four-Syded Food Grater.  Learned that one
as a fast-order cook in a burger joint, many years ago...
5.  Pitted olives are easy to chop using a pastry blender and a shallow
6.  Mac the Orange Wonder Cat, Divine Ruler of the Universe, says I need to
add that I do a pretty amazing job opening cans of tasty catfood, using that
marvelous tool, the opposable thumb.  ;o)
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> Did y'all see on Iron Chef how they extracted the seeds from
> the pomegranite? By cutting it in half and whacking the heck
> out of the outside with a spoon. Nice. That's like how I learned
> to peel kiwis in the restaurant. Just cut in half or cut the ends
> off and then run a spoon around the inside of the skin. Easy.
> How do you juice pomegranite seeds anyway? I love them but
> hate having the hard pips.
> Another trick is how Alton Brown showed to cut a mango. Cut
> off the bottom and you see which way the seed goes. Slice down
> the sides and then follow the seed along the edges.
> Anyone else have any "difficult" tasks they have found easy
> ways around?
> Gunthar
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