[Sca-cooks] Images of Dining in Ireland 1581

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Hmmm....in some cases, all we've got is the archaeological evidence, but I
get the feeling you don't mean that?
Are you referring to people who draw erroneous conclusions from
archaeological evidence, especially when it may contradict other (textual)
sources, but back it up by referring to the A.A.?  Like someone saying "We
never find chicken bones in middens, so that means medievals hated chicken
dishes?" (to create an example out of thin air)

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> However, what I've been talking about all this time has been in no
> way an indictment of relying on physical versus textual/graphical
> evidence to understand how people of the past lived: a conscientious
> scholar uses both. My concern was for instances of people saying
> things like, "Oh, I don't pay any attention to the recipes... I'd
> rather work from the archaeological evidence," -- and then proceeding
> not to do so. I think we get a little more of that in the SCA than we
> do of people citing fake quotes from an imaginary MS Kaflooey 2346.
> Although I'm sure that has happened, too.
> Adamantius

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