[Sca-cooks] Harry Potter references

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 22 08:08:09 PDT 2006

Lainie wrote:
> I just had an idea- maybe for a Samhain feast, do edible versions of the
> food from Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party! That would be fun!

Why not?  He is supposed to have died during the Elizabethan era, which
makes it SCA-legal.
> Yes, we are geeks.
> 'Lainie
> -hmm... and purple candle flames... hmm...

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh.

Time to rerun my personal interpretation of the Houses of Hogwarts vs. the
Peerage Orders / main fields of endeavor of the SCA:

Chivalry/fighters:  Gryffindor, brave and bold adventurers
Laurel/artists:  Ravenclaw, wise in lore
Hufflepuff/service:  Hufflepuff, persistence and service
Royal Peers/landed nobility:  Slytherin, concerned with power

Curiously, I have always self-identified with Ravenclaw even though I am a
Pelican.  But I earned awards in Arts as well, the grant-level Lux Caidis in
culinary arts [and not the corresponding service award, oddly enow] the year
before my Pel.  


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