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Tue Aug 22 09:58:03 PDT 2006

Maire asked:
>What about dried, ground pom seeds? I've got a little box of those....
>Sumac, I've got, too...

I've got some, too, for use in Indian dishes. I'd soak them before 
using them in this chicken salad. They're rather dark and shriveled.

As for questions about pomegranate juice, i buy it bottled. For 
personal use, i usually get Knudsen's, but i don't know if that has 
nationwide distribution. CostCo is now selling Lakeland brand 
pomegranate juice. It's not as good as the Knudsen's but a lot 
cheaper. I've tried juicing a pomegranate, and, boy, it makes a 
mess... It's easier if you put the seeds in a clean thin cloth (like 
muslin) and squeeze and wring over a large bowl. For use fresh, yes, 
it tastes, well, fresher than bottled. But for making into syrup or 
cooking, in the finished product the bottled is not very different 
and way less time and trouble, and not really a huge price difference.

Nowadays, the pomegranate industry is expanding. I can find 
delicious, if expensive, fresh pomegranate juice at the "health food" 
store - POM brand. Both Whole Foods and the Berkeley Bowl carry it 
locally. I've noticed several brands of pomegranate sherbet at both 
stores. One brand - don't recall the name - packs it in an attractive 
tin (!!) - but way expensive. There's another less pricey brand in 
the standard cardboard container. I think i've seen pomegranate fruit 
ice bars - but i may be hallucinating again.

I guess it's sort of like the cranberry industry. For ages 
cranberries weren't available except fresh around Thanksgiving and 
Christmas. Then it was canned, but that didn't move except around 
those two holidays. So the cranberry coops started marketing the 
juice. I'm wondering if pomegranates are moving the same way...
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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