[Sca-cooks] Harry Potter references

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 22 13:23:40 PDT 2006

Michael Gunter wrote:
>> Time to rerun my personal interpretation of the Houses of Hogwarts vs. the
>> Peerage Orders / main fields of endeavor of the SCA:
>> Royal Peers/landed nobility:  Slytherin, concerned with power
> Ahem!
> Kind of a bad connotation there....
> Especially since many Royals are also Peers of other "Houses".
> I do think that Slytherin gets sort of a bad rap. I mean, just because
> someone is ambitious doesn't mean they are necessarily evil. One of
> my best friends would probably be considered Slytherin and he is
> very concerned with honor and doing the right thing. But he is also
> extremely Type A and pretty much has to be the best at whatever
> he pursues.
Agreed about Slytherin getting a bad rap. Only the "bad" Slyths seem to 
be featured in the stories.   But the Wizarding World needs a Business 
School for the next generation of leaders. 


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