[Sca-cooks] Home again, home again, jiggety jig

King's Taste Productions kingstaste at comcast.net
Wed Aug 23 08:13:01 PDT 2006

Greetings all,
            Just a quick note to say I am home again safely. I had an
uneventful trip back from Pennsic - mostly in silence as I ran the
soundtrack of the event through in my head.  
            The weather was great, especially the last two days where
the threat of rain drove a lot of people out early, and we were left
with wonderful breezes and cooler temperatures.  
            I had the opportunity to judge a fantastic music contest at
the Chalkman, and also to be a judge for 5 nights at the Mason Rive
Siege Cooking Contest.  I won a modest amount of baubles at the
knucklebones gambling night in the bog - the Preachain boys like to
gamble with amber, and now I own my first ever amber necklace and a few
nice chunks to show my upcoming history class about the Vikings.  The
party at the Ashley Home for Wayward Meridians was very nice.  The
singing there was a great cap to the awesome music I heard that day -
first at the Known World Choir concert, then later in the bog with
several happy bards singing their lungs out.  :-)
            Now the task of getting back to the real world is at hand,
along with the unpacking and laundry and other post-Pennsic festivities.

            It is always sad to leave, but nice to be home, especially
to be able to pet my dog and get stomped on by the cat ;)

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