[Sca-cooks] recipes using sumac berries?

Stefan li Rous stefanlirous at austin.rr.com
Wed Aug 23 16:09:50 PDT 2006

Urtatim replied to someone:
  <<< They are there for flavor and color. If you can't find  
(yeah, it's a little ahead of the season), i'd skip them.

If you like, you could sprinkle some
(1.) sumac

Sumac is used in 'Abbasid recipes. I have not seen barberries used in
them, however. I have found barberries in at least one late 15th c.
Ottoman recipe, and they are used in modern Persian recipes. >>>

I'm not quite sure which recipes these "'Abbasid recipes" are, but  
can anyone point me to some other period recipes, preferably European  
ones, which use sumac berries?

I have a jar of sumac berries which I bought from the Pepperer's  
Guild at Pennsic in a previous year. I often buy unusual items such  
as this when I see them without having a plan on where to use them,  
and I'd like to use them in something.

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