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Huh! A recessive House? That one never occured to me...I wonder what mine
--Maire, (Ravenclaw '78...pick your century ;o)

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> 1) It appears that everyone has a 'dominant' House, and that many people
> have a 'recessive' House. I am Gryffindor with a Ravenclaw recessive. My
> sweetie is Ravenclaw with a Slytherin recessive. It would appear that
> could have gone either way, but he consciously *chose* Gryffindor over
> Slytherin.
> 2) Laurels, aspirants, and other research-based types tend to fall into
> Ravenclaw.
> 3) Pelicans have a large number of Hufflepuffs among their ranks and those
> of the service-oriented folks.
> 4) It seems that the Chiv is pretty well even between Gryffindor and
> Slytherin. There are some well-defined roles filled by both types. The
> Gryffs are the Heroes, who rely on courage to accomplish things. A lot of
> Gryff fighters remind me of Lancelot in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
> Fearless, but not necessarily having discretion. Slytherin fighters are
> calculating, tactical, and shrewd. Put the Slytherin in back to direct the
> storming of the castle, and send the Gryffindors to the front lines where
> their courage will propel them. A smart commander will be able to see the
> differences in his troops and make use of them.
> >And I don't think I would be Slytherin anyway. Maybe Hufflepuff
> >or Griffyndor if the hat were feeling charitable.
> >
> >Gunthar
> Gryff, Gunthar. Don't know about a recessive, but you have a great deal of
> courage- more than you know.
> 'Lainie
> Gryffindor '83

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