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For some reason, this reminds me of the time on Friends when 
Rachel tries to cook and the pages stuck together. She ended up 
with a meat trifle that only Joey could eat!


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>At 06:16 AM 8/24/2006, you wrote:
>>strangely intrigued....
>Regina has been on Atkins on and off the past couple of years (on 
and off 
>because it is next to impossible to travel- on business- and keep 
to the 
>diet), and for her 57th birhtday, I threw a 'Steak and Sauce' 
party for 
>her. We all had steaks, and there was sauces galore- Heinz 57, A-
1, and an 
>array of period sauces (my fave was the Yellow Poivre). There was 
>and potatoes for the omnivores. And Morwyn brought the cake. Was 
>We sat down with the candles, Regina blew them out, and Morwyn 
served her a 
>slice. Regina's face was kind of the 'I'll eat it to be polite' 
as she got 
>the plate with a nice dense 'spice cake' with raisins. Until she 
took her 
>first bite.
>It was meatloaf. :-)
>Looked like spice cake, all right- dense meatloaf (blend of beef 
and pork) 
>with chopped olives for the 'raisings', and piped 'frosting' a 
mix of cream 
>cheese and chevre. I wish we'd gotten pictures. It was a birthday 
to remember!

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