[Sca-cooks] smoked fish was preparing foods tourney side

Mark S. Harris MarkSHarris at austin.rr.com
Thu Aug 24 23:43:15 PDT 2006

Just as I was heading off to Pennsic, Aislinn commented:
  <<< Hey Selene, where do you live? Smoked mullet is a delicacy here  
in Tampa
Bay, esp. Pasco County where I live. It's very inexpensive and one  
smoked fish will make enough fish spread to eat on crackers for a
week. I could bring some for you to Gulf Wars. >>>

If you do bring some of this smoked fish spread to the next Gulf  
Wars, I would appreciate getting a taste.

I can get some smoked fish here in Austin at Central Market. I don't  
know if they are mullets or not, but I presume a similar type fish  
might work as well. So, how do you create this smoked fish spread  
from the whole, smoked mullet?


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