[Sca-cooks] OOP: Query on Steak Smothered In Onions...

Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Fri Aug 25 07:48:32 PDT 2006

as a child and into teens, yes!  quite often.  it was my 
father's speciality.  but we are talking 45 years ago or 
so. 8)

he used round steak, where a bit of smothering and 
braising worked nicely.  he used it because it was cheap 
and quick.  please remember he was a fighting army cook in 
the phillipines (WWII) so his recipes were often... 

he would fry the pieces of round in Crisco and remove from 
pan.  then he would slice up a metric buttload of onion 
and fry them in the pan.  then he would put the round 
steak back in the pan (pieces about the size of your hand) 
and mix it up with the onions.  salt, pepper, a bit of 
water, cover on and cook just a bit more to soften the 
onions and get that oniony flavor into the steak.

we would eat it as a main meat with mashed potatoes and 
canned peas (always canned peas -- almost a ritual)or on 
kaiser rolls as a steak sandwich with the juice making 
everything all messy.

however, dear heart is a 'make it moo' steak eater, so i 
don't really use the recipe anymore.  i have become fond 
of rare-ish meat as well (tho i prefer mine a bit more 
done than he does).  maybe i might want to look at this 
again, since round is cheap-ish.

my mother did liver that way too.  i still do.

wow... thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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