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I use ribeye for this all the time especially because I like mine 
rare. It is actually my preferred cut. I only resort to sirloin or 
round steak when I have to make it stretch on a tight budget. I 
usually grill it instead of saute though. I'll do the onions and 
sauce inside ahead of time. 


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>On Aug 25, 2006, at 11:25 AM, Michael Gunter wrote:
>> My memories of something similar are both from down
>> Oklahoma way and a restaurant my mother worked at
>> in Montana.
>> Basically there are grills here, which I'm sure you folk in
>> New Yawk are familiar with, where they have a large griddle
>> that has an eternal pile of onions constantly turning golden.
>> My memory of an "onion steak" or "onion burger" is the meat,
>> unbreaded, fried in the grease over by the onion pile so the
>> essence of sautee'd onion permeates the meat and then
>> the steak or burger is served with a topping of onions cooked
>> to how you wished them, from nearly raw to blackened.
>> Good stuff.
>Most diners will do a burger that way, but for some reason what 
>most associate with that type of onion cookery (maybe because it 
>in that area and also visible, which, in most diner kitchens 
>here, it isn't) are the burgers at the Papaya King and the 
>Papaya chains. These are little storefronts that are practically  
>stalls, scattered mostly around Manhattan, that sell various  
>blenderized tropical fruit drinks (mostly mango or papapaya 
>hot dogs and burgers. The burgers are thin and one step up from  
>McDonald's, but the onions are as described and make all the 
>To all the people who responded, I just want you all to know 
>killing me ;-). The only steaks I have in the freezer are 
>rib eyes and shell steaks... hmmm... one little piece of skirt 
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