[Sca-cooks] Period Chicken Salad, the aftermath

Cat Dancer pixel at hundred-acre-wood.com
Fri Aug 25 12:06:35 PDT 2006

So we made the chicken salad Wednesday night, and it was muy tasty. I had 
red seedless grapes in the fridge so they got added instead of pomegranate 
seeds--probably not quite what was originally intended, but tasty 
nonetheless. The grocery store olive bar lacked pitted green olives that 
weren't stuffed with either feta or garlic, so I just used kalamata. 
*makes note to remind Consort that "quarter lengthwise" involves two cuts 
in the same direction, not one cut lengthwise and one cut perpendicular 
to that*

When it came to mixing things together, we discovered that neither the 
Consort nor myself actually had anything resembling enough (or, indeed, 
*any*) mustard flour. What I did have was lots of mustard seed left over 
from the Spring Crown Mustard Project, and a dedicated mustard-seed 
grinder. So I used that instead, despite the smart-ass comment from the 
Consort (who is as much of an authenticity nut as I am) about me using 
freshly ground mustard for periodness reasons.

I used cider vinegar both for cooking the chicken and for the actual 
salad, because the small amount of pre-planning that did go into this 
venture did not include checking to see how much of what kinds of vinegar 
were in the cupboards, and for some reason we both had lots of cider 
vinegar and hardly any of anything else. Luckily I had both almond flour 
and slivered almonds. *makes note to add "And how much of X do you have?" 
to follow "Do you have X?" question when preparing to cook at Consort's 

The cucumbers were donated by the vegetable garden belonging to the 
Consort's parents. He didn't ask what kind they were, so all we know is 
that they're long and green and cucumbery. I think they're supposed to be 
the English hothouse variety, but if that's what they are they are 
strangely seed-filled.

We served it on a platter in accordance with the original recipe except 
for the safflower, and as mentioned it was muy tasty.

When we make it again I will seed the cucumbers, because the cucumber seed 
hulls masquerade as slivered almonds and laugh at my distress upon 
discovering their deceptions. I will also remember to buy white wine 
vinegar before cooking things, next time. ;-)

Margaret FitzWilliam

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