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> Another, but different, cousin is the smothered country fried 
> steak.  This breaded and braised jewel is all southern, but 
> disappeared for a while from anywhere I could find it. It's 
> popping back up 17 years later in restaurants again.  
> Basically a dredged (flour-egg-flour) cubed steak of some 
> variey (the whole muscle nearly minced state) pan fried, 
> removed, and then braised for a short while in the pan gravy 
> assembled from the pan drippings.  It's h at ll on the arteries 
> and the BMI, but it is a true comfort food in some southern 
> households.  Heresy in other who contend the gravy is ONLY 
> for the rice/mashed potatoes/insert starch here.  Used to be 
> a diner staple, but went away for a while.  It will be back 
> in force in a coupleyears as it gets back into the small, 
> independent, home-cooking shops.
> niccolo

Has never really "gone away" in Texas, and I believe has always been
part of the menu for the "Grandy's" chain of restaurants.

Best variation on the theme I've ever wrapped my gums around used a thin
rib-eye steak w/o the cubing -- but still marvelously tender inside the
chicken-fry battered coating, under the cream gravy.  (Eh, the gravy
could have been better, but the *steak* was excellent -- and the same
hole-in-the-wall also sold this as a chicken-fried steak sandwich
without the gravy: lettuce, tomato, mayo, and the steak.)

DARN, this is making me hungry!  Fortunately, it's suppertime now...

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