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Fri Aug 25 17:45:35 PDT 2006

niccolo difrancesco commented back on August 6:
 > Powder douce, powder forte, fine spice powder, black spices, Dry
 > BBQ rubs,
 > hypocras, Duke's Powder, etc., in addition to some more exotic
 > individual
 > spices.  These are all wonders that could catch on right now in the
 > real world food market.  Taking the historical to the masses.

Which one is "Duke's Powder"?

You may have already done all the research you need on the various  
spice mixtures, but just in case you might be looking for more, or  
others here might be interested, there is this file in the PLANTS,  
HERBS AND SPICES section of the Florilegium:
spice-mixes-msg   (76K)  3/25/04    Period spice mixtures. Poudre  
Forte, Douce.

Powder Forte has been sold by the Pepperer's Guild, but that is the  
only one that comes to mind, so I imagine there is a market both  
inside and outside of the SCA. I wonder whether you don't need  
celebrity cook status though to sell spice mixes to the general  
public.  (Notice though, I didn't say anything about having to know  
anything about cooking.)

(Still waiting to hear about the whole egg into hot oil experiment,  
but I've still got lots of digests to read that came in while I was  
off at Pennsic)
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