[Sca-cooks] Spanish feast menu

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 25 20:48:37 PDT 2006

On Aug. 7, Jadwiga Zajaczkowa gave her draft menu for the Spanish  
feast she will be doing on Labor
day. I had a few comments and questions about some of the dishes. My  
apologies if these recipes have been posted in more detail while I  
was off at Pennsic. Although Jadwiga was there too, so...

Olives *
Lombardy sops (layered casserole of bread & cheese with broth) (bread,
dairy, meat; vegetarian version available on request) >>>

Recipe ad redaction? I've seen sops only mentioned a few times on  
this list.

Limonada (raisin-lemon-almond pudding) (nuts) *
Parsley Dish (contains nuts, bread)*>>>

Recipes? I thought Limonada was a drink. What do you mean by "Parsley  
Dish"? I can imagine a salad, a cooked green or various other things.

Fried figs * >>>

Are these simply figs fried in oil? Or are they stuffed with  
something first?

  <<< Buffet:
Peach Dish (contains meat broth)
Jordan Almonds *  >>>

Is this peach dish a dessert? With a meat broth?
Are these the almonds with the hard candy shell? If so, did you buy  
them or do you plan to make them somehow?

Back from Pennsic one weekend and cooking a feast the next? Whooph.   
I'm still not totally unpacked from Pennsic. Of course I'm still  
waiting for the stuff I mailed from Pennsic to get here, such as a  
lot of my clothes. And many of the books I bought.

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