[Sca-cooks] powdered sugar question take 2

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 25 23:51:25 PDT 2006

Lady Anne du Bosc mentioned:
  <<< Seems to me we've had this discussion before.  ISTR that the  
upper classes
and royalty had access to white sugar.  Also, there was something about
grinding sugar making it white.  Wish I had access to the archives. >>>

Well... I've heard there is this website that might have info from  
those previous discussions...

sugar-msg        (112K)  3/25/04    Sugar and other medieval sweeteners.
sugar-sources-msg (16K)  6/13/01    Modern sugar sources. Sugar types.

<<<This is
a recurring question, like "is/are tomatoes, corn, beans, peppers, etc."
period.  >>>

And, yeah, I think it might even have some info on tomatoes, corn,  
beans and peppers as well. :-)

Er, Stefan

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