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Craig Daniel teucer at pobox.com
Sun Aug 27 14:11:11 PDT 2006

I'm a newbie to this list (and to the society), so I may have missed
an e-mail where it was mentioned already, but there's a Duke's powder
in Ruperto de Nola as well. The operative word in the Spanish version
is "duque", meaning Duke, and the Catalan is "duch", evidently with
the same meaning.

Of course de Nola is relatively late, and the mistake would have
already been made by then. So this doesn't help track down the source,
but it does provide one more example of the "duke" version.

Question: does anybody know of a cookbook that contains both sweet and
ducal powders? That is, did the two either start distinct enough or
develop to be so that anyone was familiar with both as different

Jaume / Craig Daniel

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