[Sca-cooks] Green cardamom?

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Mon Aug 28 21:11:59 PDT 2006

Cardomom appears in the writings of Pliny and Dioscorides and it appears to 
have been a popular spice in Rome.  It's original introduction into Europe 
was probably in the 4th Century BCE to the Greeks.  The problem is we can't 
tell from the writing what type of cardomom was being used.

There is also a question as to whether cardomom was substituted for grains 
of paradise or vice-versa, which generated an extensive debate on the list. 
You should be able to find it in the Florilegium.


>I picked up some green cardamom yesterday at an Indian grocery (whole pods 
>with seeds). I know of its use and versatility in Indian cooking, but I am 
>curious as to its historical use, in Western medieval and Middle Eastern 
>medieval cooking.
> I've been experimenting with a bread baked in chicken recipe, and the 
> basic recipe just calls for salt, pepper, lemon juice, and ground 
> pistachios and almonds as flavorings. To this recipe I've added more 
> flavorings: sauteed onions, a bit of garlic, fresh parsley, and cubebs. I 
> am wondering if a little green cardamom would be a welcome addition.
> Gianotta

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