[Sca-cooks] marshmallows

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Tue Aug 29 06:59:30 PDT 2006

>It's too early yet, to do anything besides helplessly giggle at this thread
>(and wincing as Lainie's ex's lips go "tsst" ;o).  I'm laughing at Evil
>Spawn not knowing how to cook a marshmallow (what does "UUY" stand for,
>Master A?), remembering how we used to cook them as kids when camping (using
>the slip-coat method, and having contests to see how many layers one could
>successfully cook, and the searches to find the perfect, green stick to cook
>them on), and having the best time watching a bunch of creditable,
>professional, grown-up food geeks revert to childhood.  It's grand, and a
>perfectly lovely way to start my morning! (much better than contemplating
>going to work!)  Woo-hoo for an extended silly season!

Yes, it was nice of us to wait until Pennsic was over so everybody could 
take part, wasn't it?  :-)

>Y'all can have my share of the world's puffy pillows of joy, though.  I
>can't stand them (lost my taste for them as an adult, and that includes
>using them in s'mores).
>--Maire, on the sidelines of the rally, waving her "Make Love, Not
>Marshmallows" sign.....

I'm with you there, though I never truly appreciated them.


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