[Sca-cooks] Marshmallow Etiquette

Tara Sersen Boroson tara at kolaviv.com
Tue Aug 29 07:44:59 PDT 2006

In my humble experience, I've found that charring the outside is a sure 
way to result in a raw interior.  I always liked the outside charred, 
but hated the raw middle.  And, retoasting it was too touch-and-go.  
When you've been alotted three marshmallows by the camp director, you 
don't risk dumping one in the fire by re-toasting it after slipping off 
the charred bit.

Now, slow roasting results in a perfect interior every time.

There is a middle ground.  You can slow roast until gooey, then flame 
the sucker.  I've found a really high rate of marshmallow loss using 
that method.  But, now that I'm in charge of buying my own marshmallows, 
that's not as much of a traumatic event as it used to be.  Oh, and using 
a two-pronged roasting fork instead of a traditional stick helps a lot 
with the marshmallow loss factor.

Now, most marshmallows out there have modified food starch, which is not 
on our gluten-free list :(  The vegan marshmallows from the health food 
store... suck big hairy rocks.  I'm contemplating making my own 
marshmallows for toasting.  Does that make me a loon?


Tara Sersen Boroson

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