[Sca-cooks] marshmallows

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius.magister at verizon.net
Tue Aug 29 08:08:54 PDT 2006

On Aug 29, 2006, at 9:54 AM, Sue Clemenger wrote:

> It's too early yet, to do anything besides helplessly giggle at  
> this thread
> (and wincing as Lainie's ex's lips go "tsst" ;o).  I'm laughing at  
> Evil
> Spawn not knowing how to cook a marshmallow (what does "UUY" stand  
> for,
> Master A?)

I believe it's Phlip's acronym, and stands for Ultimate Urban Yankee.  
I don't normally think of myself in those terms, but sometimes it  
becomes more apropos than at others. In the whole marshmallow- 
toasting field, I'm one of those people with a lot of good theory,  
but not a lot of experience. Most camping activities, I find, take  
valuable time away from fishing ;-).

> , remembering how we used to cook them as kids when camping (using
> the slip-coat method, and having contests to see how many layers  
> one could
> successfully cook, and the searches to find the perfect, green  
> stick to cook
> them on), and having the best time watching a bunch of creditable,
> professional, grown-up food geeks revert to childhood.  It's grand,  
> and a
> perfectly lovely way to start my morning! (much better than  
> contemplating
> going to work!)  Woo-hoo for an extended silly season!

Well, we never did really get to discuss Twinkies or Mario Nebbits in  
depth, so it's understandable.

> Y'all can have my share of the world's puffy pillows of joy,  
> though.  I
> can't stand them (lost my taste for them as an adult, and that  
> includes
> using them in s'mores).
> --Maire, on the sidelines of the rally, waving her "Make Love, Not
> Marshmallows" sign.....

I'd like to try real ones, made with actual marsh mallow goo... I  
have never in my life even seen a s'more up close (I saw one being  
made once in a movie called "The Sandlot"), let alone tried one...

But I'll see your s'mores and raise you a warm pain au chocolat.


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