[Sca-cooks] Foods from our youth

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius.magister at verizon.net
Tue Aug 29 17:20:57 PDT 2006

On Aug 29, 2006, at 7:46 PM, Saint Phlip wrote:

> On 8/29/06, lilinah at earthlink.net <lilinah at earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Philp wrote:
>>> Yeah, called a "Tuna Melt" some places.
>> Yeah, and "Ike and Tina Tuna" in some others.
>> --
>> Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
> Cheesy, fishy, but very very hot?

Hard to digest but strangely compelling?


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