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Just a bit more about s'mores...

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> S'mores are apparently a Scout Camp thing...
> Adamantius

Actually, they're a staple "treat" at many summer camps for kids.
Summer camps are a phenomenon here in the US where, for anywhere from
a week to 8 weeks,  city and suburban kids are sent off to the "wilds"
in the custody of various young (college age) adults to have outdoor
fun. Most summer camps will include classes in things such as swimming
(often in a natural body of water such as a pond/lake, river, or the
ocean), horseback riding, archery, boating, various crafts, and other
outdoor skills. At the end of the day, after supper, but before
bedtime, the campers often meet in a lodge or around a campfire, and
sing traditional camp songs or tell stories- rather like an SCA bardic
circle. One of the treats is to toast (or flambe) marshmallows over an
open fire, and combining these marshmallows with the chocolate and
graham crackers has become as much a tradition as the campfire itself.

It's a very pleasant tradition, and the summer camp itself not only
gets bored kids out of mommy and daddy's hair for a few weeks, but
sneaks education in on them in the guise of organized "fun". The camps
are usually enough fun that the kids often have very pleasant
memories- and one of those is making the s'mores, which are easy
enough for the kids to remember and bring home to talk about, and have
Mom and Dad make during a back yard barbecue.

I'm still in contact with friends from my favorite summer camp, and
was able to reconnect with more with the arrival of the Internet- if
you're interested, please goto:


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