[Sca-cooks] Cheesecake crusts, was Re: s'mores?

Mike C. Baker kihebard at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 10:09:57 PDT 2006

> tortilla chips. I think pretty much and crumbable cookie, 
> cracker, or chip could make a good crust, if its flavors are 
> balanced with the flavors of your cheesecake- I found it well 
> worth my while to experiment.

Oreos / Hydrox / other cookies, for the chocolate-minded, or to
complement something like "Turtle" cheesecake. 

(remove filling before crush, or buy the pre-prepared crumbs)

It's *different* from the graham-based crusts.  Not necessarily better
or worse, but definitely different.

(Yep, I'm diabetic.  I budget for the luxuries on occasion...)

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