[Sca-cooks] tipping the wait staff - long

Maggie MacDonald maggie5 at cox.net
Sun Nov 5 21:53:53 PST 2006

At 09:38 PM 11/5/2006,Wanda Pease said something like:

>Jadwiga said:
> > If the Military is employing people with your attitude (don't have
> > children) to arrange things like this, I'm not surprised about what I
> > hear.
>I guess you are right.  The female Corporal stationed in Chico, CA (long
>ways from a Base or Post) with a non-working husband, 4 children, and
>another on the way; who is getting Family Leased Housing (the Army is


This isn't about tipping wait staff. It's not about cooking. And it's 
really not all that fun to read.

Could maybe this get taken to off list discussion for a while?
Pretty please?

Maggie MacD. 

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