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Johnnae replied to me with:
  <<< Stefan li Rous wrote:

It's probably heresy but one might follow the instructions
from Johnsonville--
PAN HEATING: Place links in a pan, add 1-2 in. of water and cover.
Simmer on low heat, about 10 minutes, turning links often. To brown our
COOKED BRATWURST or STADIUM STYLE BRATS, drain the remaining water,
remove the cover and heat on medium until browned to your liking.  >>>

Good suggestion. I often do this at home, but I've usually done this  
in reverse order. Brown the links first, then add water and/or wine  
and continue cooking the sausage. I was thinking that boiling them  
first, wouldn't brown them, but I guess it does especially if you  
drain off the water at the end. Also I've had some trouble with the  
sausages sticking to the skillet. If you boil the sausages first,  
they will tend to release some grease which will then help lubricate  
the pan when you move to the browning stage.

I doubt we could have parboiled the sausage at the event with the  
equipment we had. Although as someone mentions we could have  
parboiled them at home and then frozen them. Boiling them again at  
the event, even if they had been parboiled previously at home, would  
also have the advantage of making sure the sausages were thawed  
before they got put on the grill. Planned for in advance, we could  
have had a big cauldron or several smaller ones. The few at the event  
were being used to boil apples in, or cook the soup. Of course, if  
you thawed the sausage in the soup pot, pulled the sausages out and  
then used the water that was left in the pot for the soup that would  
add some extra flavor to the soup. I think the cook was trying to  
keep it a vegetarian soup, though.

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