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Am Montag, 6. November 2006 07:47 schrieb Terri Morgan:
> In my corner of the USA, the government requires that restaurants track
> total of each server's orders and then taxes the server for 15% of the
> total - even though the server is paid less than half of the minimum wage
> and is expected to receive the rest of their pay via tips. So there is a
> great deal of pressure to make sure that a server, however poor they are,
> is given a tip of at least 15%.
> This being a combo tourist/military area, it makes for a lot of
> misunderstandings among diners of the various 'strata'.

That sounds - creative, in a taxmannish kind of way. I wonder why ours
come up with it yet.
I also wonder if they total a person's investments and tax them the S&P
rate of increase per year automatically
[/snark] < < < < < < <

The other side of that tax law is that the minimum wage for wait staff is
lower, and must bwe supplemented by the employer to assure meeting the
'standard' minimum wage level.  There are plenty of unscrupulous employers
who will manipulate that mandate, as mentioned earlier with a couple of
stories.  There are plenty out there, as well, who willingly pay the
difference if tips, for some reason do not make it.

We small business owners aren't all evil, money-grubbing b at st@rds who feed
our children on the blood leeched from our employees.  Some are actually
operatiing with enlightened self-interest . . . my livelihood goes up when
employees are high-functioning.  Do whatever I can afford to increase
efficiency and finctionality levels of staff.  Not at all unlike SCA feasts,
though we do not pay wages there.

niccolo difrancesco

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